Noah Kahan Fans Voiced Their Frustrations After Struggling To Buy Tour Tickets For The Fenway Park Concert

Noah Kahan’s fans are trying their hardest to get tickets to his upcoming We’ll Be Here Forever Tour, as the tickets go on sale today. However, they are experiencing a lot of trouble trying to buy tickets, specifically for the Boston concert, set to take place at Fenway Park in 2024.

“The fact that people were reselling Noah Kahan tickets for Fenway while I was still in presale queue is my villain origin story,” one user wrote.

“I’m getting f*cking Taylor Swift flashbacks trying to get Noah Kahan tickets at Fenway,” another added.

Others had issues with just how high the ticket prices were when they did make it to the seat selection. Some fans faced problems with trying to buy tickets for other shows on the tour via Ticketmaster, too. (Tickets for the Fenway concert were not sold via Ticketmaster.)

“I’m shaming both him and TM,” one fan wrote in response to another being upset about how high the cost was. “You can’t tell me the artist doesn’t have a LITTLE ounce of control over ticket prices, Ticketmaster is also greedy and can’t properly do a presale to save their life. Both are at fault I fear.”

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