Orville Peck’s ‘Queen Of The Rodeo’ Video Is A Cowboy-Approved Pageant

There’s not much the world knows about Canadian country singer Orville Peck, especially not his real name or what his uncovered face looks like. The mysterious cowboy is quite the character, and today, he expands his universe with the new “Queen Of The Rodeo” video. The clip for the track, from his 2019 album Pony, takes place at a rodeo, naturally, at which there is also a pageant going on. The eight-minute clip tells a narrative based on this premise, and the end of the clip includes a dedication “for all the LGBTQ+ and two-spirit community members working and performing in rodeos, ranches, and roadhouses across North America.”

Peck wrote when sharing the video, “Thank you to everybody involved. Y’all are my partners for life. I hope y’all love it as much as I do.”

In a recent interview, Peck explained the thought process behind how he dresses, saying, “I wear what can be construed as a costume, but to me being a country star means taking who you are at your core and magnifying that to the maximum. So for me, I grew up a weird kid — skater, punk, lonely, I listened to all kinds of freaky music, and I traveled around a lot. So my core are those feelings that I still live with now, with intrinsic loneliness and a nomadic lifestyle. So the maximum portrayal of that in a sincere way is the epitome of what a lone cowboy is, so that’s why I do what I do visually. It’s who I am at my core.”

Watch the “Queen Of The Rodeo” video above, and revisit our 2019 interview with Peck here.