Paramore’s Hayley Williams Felt Like A Teacher Breaking Up A Fight At A Concert: ‘Detention For Everyone!’

Paramore played a smaller, intimate concert at Toronto’s History ahead of their upcoming album, This Is Why, and 2023 North American tour. Still, things at the show managed to get a little rowdy. Lead singer Hayley Williams eventually stepped in, trying to break up a fight in the crowd. The chaos took place during the band’s performance of the After Laughter track, “Caught In The Middle,” which is upbeat… and if you have to fight to any Paramore song… why would it be this one?

“Are you good? Is everybody okay?” Williams says after stopping the song. “Okay, we’ve got a fight. Oh, man. What do you guys think this is, like a Terror show?”

“We’re not a hardcore band, bro. Come on,” she continued. “We’re gonna dance tonight, we’re gonna have fun, or we’re not gonna do it. You got me up here acting like a teacher. Detention for everyone! Let me tell you something: I better not have to do that again. First of all, we play to a click track so we’d be on time for you. Don’t make us stop that thing again. It hurts. Are you okay out there now? You good? Thank you for taking care of yourself and each other. Jesus Christ.”

Williams eventually continued the Paramore show, and it appeared nobody was removed from the crowd. Or seriously injured. I suppose that’s all you can hope for. And, if you want more, there’s always tickets for the hardcore band Terror.

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