13 Years Later, Paramore’s ‘Twilight’ Soundtrack Songs Are Finally Streaming On Spotify In The US

Twilight was of course one of the biggest movies of 2008, and its soundtrack was also well received. Among songs by Muse, Linkin Park, and Iron & Wine were a pair of new originals by Paramore: “Decode” (which was released as a single) and “I Caught Myself.” For one reason or another, those songs haven’t been convenient for a lot of fans to listen to, as they had never made their way onto Spotify in the US. Now, though, 13 years after they were originally released, both songs are finally streaming on US Spotify for the first time.

Consequence speculates the songs’ absence from Spotify had been due to copyright issues: While the Twilight soundtrack was released via Atlantic Records, at the time, the band was signed to Fueled By Ramen (which, like Atlantic, is actually part of Warner Music Group). “Decode” previously appeared as a bonus track on some international editions of Paramore’s 2009 album Brand New Eyes, while a live version of the song appears on the deluxe edition of the band’s self-titled 2013 album.

Hayley Williams previously said of “Decode,” “[The song] is about the building tension, awkwardness, anger, and confusion between Bella and Edward. Bella’s is the only mind Edward can’t read and I feel like that’s a big part of the first book and one of the obstacles for them to overcome. It’s one added tension that makes the story even better.”

Stream “Decode” and “I Caught Myself” below.

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