Phoebe Bridgers Goes Business In The Front, Lingerie In The Back To Re-Create A Classic Meme

Phoebe Bridgers has one of the best senses of humor in music, which she showed off this afternoon with a new concert poster. The image shows off a lot more than Bridgers’ humor, too… specifically, her backside.

In promotion of Bridgers’ upcoming June 16 concert at Queens, New York’s Forest Hills Stadium (with Muna and “a very special surprise guest”), Bridgers shared a poster that features a photo of herself. Looking at just the right half of the image, Bridgers appears to be wearing a nice and simple outfit consisting of black pants, a white shirt, and a black bowtie. Direct your gaze to the other side of the image, though, and the mirror behind Bridgers reveals a missing back half of the outfit. Consequently, Bridgers’ reflected, lingerie-covered back, butt, and legs are exposed for all to see.

Photographer Davis Bates, who it seems took the photo, also shared the original Bridgers photo without the promotional text and graphics, as well as some other behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot (which Bridgers shared on her Instagram Story). For those who don’t understand the context behind the image, it’s a re-creation of a classic photo that has floated around the internet for years now, of a man in the same half-clothed set-up as Bridgers.

While it’s probably not too hard to get people to go to a Phoebe Bridgers concert given how beloved she is, a little promotion doesn’t hurt, especially when it’s this fun.