Prince Daddy And The Hyena Announce A Self-Titled Album And Unveil The Enveloping Lead Single

When we asked Prince Daddy And The Hyena vocalist/guitarist Kory Gregory to describe his music in four words, he answered, “Loud, quiet, fast, slow.” In a similarly nonsensical fashion, the press release for their new song “A Random Exercise In Impermanence (The Collector)” says it is recommended if you like “bootleg Coldplay” or “if Alex G covered Green Day songs.” This is all to say that the Albany, NY-based four-piece has a sound that cannot be summed up in a normal way.

This new relentlessly exhilarating track, “A Random Exercise in Impermanence (The Collector),” comes from their just-announced forthcoming self-titled album, out this spring. It focuses on Gregory’s fear of death, which was worsened by a van accident that happened in 2018.

“I think the record as a whole, as a journey, feels bittersweet and hopeful in a way,” Gregory stated, and this single vividly showcases this tension of darkness and light. While his panicked yells are communicating stories of anxiety and cynicism, the instruments build an enveloping, optimistic landscape that’s as entertaining as a roller coaster.

Watch the video for “A Random Exercise in Impermanence (The Collector)” above, and check out the album art and tracklist for Prince Daddy And The Hyena below.

Prince Daddy And The Hyena
Prince Daddy And The Hyena

1. “Adore The Sun”
2. “A Random Exercise In Impermanence (The Collector)”
3. “Jesus F*cking Christ”
4. “Something Special”
5. “El Dorado”
6. “Hollow, As You Figured”
7. “Curly Q”
8. “Keep Up That Talk”
9. “Shoelaces”
10. “In Just One Piece”
11. “Discount Assisted Living”
12. “Black Mold”
13. “Baby Blue”

Prince Daddy And The Hyena is out 4/15 via Pure Noise Records. Pre-order it here.

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