Former Red Hot Chili Peppers Guitarist Josh Klinghoffer Is Now Part Of Pearl Jam’s Touring Band

Josh Klinghoffer may not be a household name among casual music fans, but he’s played a role in two of the biggest rock bands of the past few decades. For ten years, he was the guitarist for Red Hot Chili Peppers before amicably being relieved of his duties with the band in 2019. Now, he’s rebounded with another all-time great group: Pearl Jam.

As Consequence notes, Pearl Jam performed at Asbury Park, New Jersey’s Sea.Hear.Now Festival on Saturday, and Klinghoffer was on stage for the whole set, on guitar, percussion, and backing vocals. A representative for the band confirmed that Klinghoffer has been added as a touring musician for the band.

Klinghoffer previously spoke about his dismissal from the band, saying of the moment when his then-bandmates broke the news to him, “I turned up last and they were all sitting in the backyard and Flea seemed somber when I got to the door, and he just got right to it and said, ‘We decided to ask John to rejoin,’ and I just sat there quietly for a second and said, ‘I’m not surprised. I wish I could’ve done something that would’ve made this an impossibility. But I’m really happy for you guys.’ I’m happy for John. I wanted to leave the feelings that I had in that moment untouched, which were just the love for those guys. I love those guys deeply. I never saw myself as deserving to be there over John.”