Salem’s Sinister ‘Red River’ Heralds Their Upcoming ‘Fires In Heaven’ Album

After staying quiet for most of this decade, Michigan band Salem, who are credited with pioneering the witch house genre, are gearing up for a new album. They returned to the scene last month with a fuzzy track and are now announcing their upcoming record, “Fires In Heaven” with the sinister single “Red River.”

Composed of musicians Jack Donoghue and John Holland, Salem said their “Red River” single points to the band’s willingness to let their guard down in their upcoming music. “There has always been a lot of surrender in our music,” the band said. “People tend to pick up on the negative aspects, and in the past, that was what we were going through. But surrender has always been the core element.”

Salem first made their return in mid-September. The duo shared the song “Starfall” along with an eye-catching video. To film the visual, the duo followed a group of storm chasers, people who drive across the country following hurricanes and tornados. The result was an exciting and terrifying collection of clips set to the ominous single.

Listen to “Red River” above and see Salem’s Fires In Heaven album art and tracklist below.


1. “Capulets”
2. “Fires In Heaven”
3. “Crisis”
4. “Sears Tower”
5. “Starfall”
6. “Wings”
7. “Red River”
8. “Old Gods”
9. “Braids”
10. “DieWithMe”
11. “Not Much Of A Life”

Fires In Heaven is out 10/30 via Salem/Decent. Pre-order it here.

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