Sega Bodega’s ‘Set Me Free, I’m An Animal’ Video Is A Stormy Voyage Towards True And Unwavering Freedom

Sega Bodega’s eclectic approach to music has made him one of the most sought-after London producers. In 2022, Bodega traveled between Europe and the US for his international tour. With his forthcoming album slated to hit streaming platforms in April, Bodega could be gearing up to do it all again.

Bodega is back with a fresh new single to follow up his previous track, “Deer Teeth,” released in January. The latest offering, “Set Me Free, I’m An Animal,” is a therapeutic electronic record outlining the importance of autonomy.

“When you take your hands from the leash / Set me free, I’m an animal / Letting go of all that I could be / Set me free, I’m an animal / Sitting by the river for its last flow / Sit there tell me what you think that I know / Say you’ll fight for it,” sings Sega Bodega.

In the supporting visual, Bodega teams up with Claire & Rick Farin (of Actual Objects) to direct the provoking story. Similar to the song’s lyrics, the video shows Bodega navigating the storms of life in order to obtain true and unwavering freedom. Bodega spoke about the inspiration behind the track via a statement.

“‘Set Me Free, I’m an Animal’ explores intense feelings brought on by physical and emotional restraint,” he wrote.

Watch Sega Bodega’s official video for “Set Me Free, I’m An Animal” above.