Sheer Mag’s ‘The Killer’ Is A Roaring Retribution Anthem

Sheer Mag have shared another new track off their upcoming sophomore record.

“The Killer” is the third track we’ve heard so far off A Distant Call (out August 23 via Wilsuns RC). With ripping guitar solos and singer Tina Halladay’s formidable, roaring voice, Sheer Mag have established themselves masters of the throwback classic rock game. Their music sounds timeless, like found treasures from the 1970s, but at the same time contemporary and completely fresh.

“The Killer” feels both timeless and timely. For as long as there have been politics, there have been bad, immoral men who game the system to get to the top. “The Killer” could be about any of them. Over earth-shaking guitars and a pounding bass, Halliday demands centuries of justice get paid up.

“There are many killers out there,” Halladay said of the song in a press release. “‘The Killer’ is a liar with a strangle hold on the world. ‘The Killer’ is a war criminal the corrupt of society have produced and protected. ‘The Killer’ spends his life covering up atrocities and defending right-wing dictatorships. ‘The Killer’ stifles accountability and truth. We want to know, when does ‘The Killer’ die?”

A Distant Call is out August 23 via Wilsuns RC. Pre-order it here, and listen to “The Killer” above.