Skullcrusher’s Wistful Anthem ‘Places/Plans’ Heralds Her Debut Self-Titled EP

Up-and-coming singer/songwriter Skullcrusher is attempting to find meaning in life’s mundane activities through music. The newest signee to indie label Secretly Canadian, Skullcrusher shares the track “Places/Plans” ahead of her eponymous debut EP.

Armed with an acoustic guitar and her soaring vocals, Helen Ballentine touts “Places/Planes” as “an exploration of the ways you become yourself when you aren’t looking.” Ballentine channels what she’s learned in her years of playing instruments into the 3-minute track, all while examining important questions. “Does it matter if I’m a really good friend? That I’m there when you call and when your shows end?” she asks herself on the gleaming track.

In a statement, Ballentine said she derived the song’s meaning from solitude. “I thought a lot about my self-worth during this period of uncertainty,” Ballentine said. “‘Places/Plans’ attempts to communicate the beauty and vulnerability of being alone and what it means to let someone else in to see that. It feels like the thematic core of the EP. It is a song for being alone in your room, lying on the floor with a book and the window open, but also for letting someone in to lie with you.”

Above, listen to “Places/Plans.” Below, find the Skullcrusher EP cover art and tracklist.

Secretly Canadian

1. “Places/Plans”
2. “Trace”
3. “Two Weeks In December”
4. “Day Of Show”

Skullcrusher EP is out 6/26 via Secretly Canadian. Pre-order it here.