Sleater-Kinney Come Alive In Their Freeing ‘High In The Grass’ Video

Sleater-Kinney made a big comeback with their 2019 album The Center Won’t Hold and they’re already gearing up for yet another release. The band, comprised of members Carrie Brownstein and Corin Tucker, recently announced their upcoming LP Path Of Wellness. Now, they’ve returned to share another look at the effort’s buzzing sound with the discordant track “High In The Grass.”

The grainy and saturated video that arrived with the single further explores the theme of a cathartic release. After holding onto pent-up energy for over a year, Sleater-Kinney sing of coming alive alongside the blooming spring. “The spring night came alive and we lost our minds / And danced to no music like fools / We cannot hear the chimes when it rings midnight / We can’t imagine what we will lose,” they sing.

Upon announcing their Path Of Wellness LP, Sleater-Kinney said:

“We wrote it last spring and summer, holed up in Portland, and recorded it in late summer and early fall. This is the first S-K record we’ve produced ourselves. The entire process relied upon taking stock of who and what was nearby, upon generosity of time, spirit, and input, but mostly upon a mutual love, need, and gratitude for making music.”

Watch Sleater-Kinney’s “High In The Grass” video above.

Path Of Wellness is out 6/11 via Mom+Pop. Pre-order it here.