St. Vincent Shares The Cinematic Title Track From Her ‘The Nowhere Inn’ Soundtrack

St. Vincent is fresh off a new album, Daddy’s Home, but now she’s already hard at work promoting a new project. That project, of course, is her and Carrie Brownstein’s movie The Nowhere Inn. A trailer for the film was released a month ago, and now we’re getting a first look the score/soundtrack, which features new St. Vincent music. Today, she shared a video for the title track, a cinematic and evocative number that serves as a sort of theme song for the movie.

The soundtrack is set for release on September 19, a couple days following the film’s premiere.

In a recent interview with Los Angeles Daily News, St. Vincent said of the movie:

“I’m so amazed and thrilled that somebody let us… gave us money to make a crazy film about me, sure, but also just about identity and the pitfalls when someone starts to believe in their mythology and floats off into outer space, or becomes craven in an attempt to hold onto their little idea of things. […]

I am not doing the convention of what these things normally do which is endear you to a pop star. That’s not the purpose of this film, and maybe that’s dangerous in this day and age. And that’s good. Theoretically we only have one life, why do it half-assed? Let’s do something crazy that people won’t forget. I think art is supposed to be dangerous. I think it’s supposed to be scary sometimes. It’s supposed to help us go to the crevices and recesses of our minds, and be a place where we can play with fire safely.”

Watch the “The Nowhere In” video above and check out the The Nowhere In soundtrack art and tracklist below.

Loma Vista Recordings

1. “The Nowhere Inn”
2. “Carrie Voicemail”
3. “Palm Desert”
4. “Carrie Wave”
5. “Waiting On A Wave”
6. “Opening Limo Scene”
7. “Hallway Scene”
8. “Rooftop”
9. “Come To Jesus”
10. “Downtempo Montage”
11. “Sex Scene”
12. “Board Room”
13. “Spa Scene”
14. “Tour Bus”
15. “Carrie Off Bus”
16. “Texas Intro”
17. “Texas Choir”
18. “Bacchanal”
19. “Ending”

The Nowhere Inn is out 9/19 via Loma Vista Recordings.