Steady Holiday’s ‘Living Life’ Video Celebrates The Simplicity In Carefree Moments

First adopting the moniker with her 2016 debut Under The Influence, Dre Babinski returns to bulk up her Steady Holiday catalog. Babinski offered a Steady Holiday follow-up in 2018 and has remained relatively quiet ever since. But now, as Babinski gears up for her third full-length effort next year, the singer offers the serene single “Living Life.”

With cascading keys and anticipation-filling drums, “Living Life” gives snapshots of simple interactions over the course of one night. Babinski focuses in on certain details, like a woman’s wine-covered dress in a restaurant. “I pass a kid who holds a violin / I see myself in him / I recognize that happiness,” she sings.

In the accompanying visual, directed by Isaac Ravishankara, Babinski reflects on these moments as she rides on the back of a UPS truck through a quiet neighborhood. Occasionally smiling at people who pass, Babinski basks in the opportunity to take it all in.

In a statement about the track, Babinski said: “‘Living Life’ might be the most straightforward song I’ve written, and it’s about living with that same intention — doing things that come naturally, and not getting in your own way. The video is meant to capture that sentiment too. Be humble and direct, and appreciate moments as they happen.”

Watch Steady Holiday’s “Living Life” video above.