Ryan Pollie Introduces His New Project Total Revenge With The Distortion-Heavy ‘The Fair’

Ryan Pollie isn’t afraid to shake things up. After earning acclaim performing as Los Angeles Police Department, he made a solo pivot and released an excellent self-titled album under his own name last year. Now his creative restlessness is on display again: Today, Pollie introduces his latest musical endeavor, a new project called Total Revenge.

The self-titled debut Total Revenge album is set for release on September 4, and today, Pollie has shared a video (which was filmed in an abandoned Six Flags) for “The Fair.” Press materials describe the song, “It recalls a failed summer romance, a deserted fairground where the rides are being torn down, and a giant field is littered with trash and half eaten corn dogs.”

The single serves as a declaration that Total Revenge will be a different beast than Ryan Pollie. Press materials contrasted the two projects well: “There is nothing on the record that isn’t dirty, crunchy, or f*cked up. ​Pollie’s​ last album recalled the 70’s songwriting of Graham Nash or Jackson Browne. This is closer to MXPX or The Ataris.”

Press materials also note of Pollie’s new endeavor, “​Pollie ​recorded the album himself to a four track cassette recorder using the same Distortion Pedal on every instrument. Betwixt delicious four chord summer anthems are fuzzed out acapella arrangements sung in round. Total Revenge​ is unlike anything ​Pollie ​has done before. The production is Lo-Fi to the point of sounding like a blown out speaker.”

Pollie sat down with Uproxx for an Indie Mixtape 20 interview last year, and when asked for four words that describe his music, he said, “Very Ryan, happy sad, honest, vulnerable.” Hopefully Pollie carries that spirit on to his new Total Revenge endeavors (even if the style is radically different), because the solo work he used those words to describe was a delight.

Watch the video for “The Fair” above and check out the Total Revenge art and tracklist below.

Forged Artifacts

1. “The Lawn”
2. “Surgery”
3. “Cherry Red”
4. “Smog”
5. “Chalk”
6. “Upper Saddle River”
7. “The Fair”
8. “Birthday”
9. “Willow Tree”
10. “Jeep Cherokee”

Total Revenge is out 9/4 via Forged Artifacts. Pre-order it here.