Vagabon Lives In A Literal Bubble In Her ‘Every Woman’ Video

Vagabon has been gearing up for the release of her anticipated, self-titled second album, and it’s really close now, as Vagabon is set to come out this week. Ahead of that, though, she has shared a new video for “Every Woman.” In the clip for the intimate, acoustic guitar-led song, she lives her life in a plastic bubble, and she says this was meant to represent transparency:

“‘Every Woman’ is the thesis of my album, so I wanted the visuals to represent transparency and to create a world for this thesis statement to live inside of. It’s an ode to all those who feel different and who actively search and fight for space. When I was approached by Cameroonian filmmaker Lino Asana, I was really, really excited to work with an artist from my country. There was this immediate understanding of one another. So many scenes of this video feel reminiscent of my early life in Cameroon, the chores I would do as a kid, the way we lived simply and humbly. The bubble displayed in this video represents an invitation to find yourself in this world.”

She also recently told Uproxx of the song and the Vagabon album, “A lot of really dark sh*t was going on in my life around the time I put out and wrote Infinite Worlds, and a lot of that energy and that color and mood is in the album. And it helped me process a lot. But in touring, I found this confidence in performing, and turning these really dark times into living out a dream. It made me trust my gut so much. I can see myself a little clearer, and see who I am right now. I can confidently explore the different parts of myself.”

Watch the video for “Every Woman” above, and read our interview with Vagabon here.

Vagabon is out 10/18 via Nonesuch Records. Pre-order it here.