Who Is The Original Artist Of ‘Fast Car’ By Luke Combs?

In country music, Luke Combs has paved a dirt road all his own, selling out countless shows and collaborating with big-name acts along the way. On his new album, Gettin’ Old, the singer unintentionally made history.

The song “Fast Car” featured on the album made a splash on the music charts. Fans quickly fell in love with the track but were shocked to learn that it’s indeed a cover from another act. So, who’s the original artist of “Fast Car”? The answer is the legendary recording artist and songwriter extraordinaire Tracy Chapman.

“Fast Car” was initially released by Chapman in 1988 at peaked at No. 6 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. However, Combs’ rendition surpassed that placement, peaking at the No. 4 on the same chart.

In an interview with Taste Of Country, Combs spoke about the songs featured on the album, saying, “We recorded a lot of songs for this. I guess this whole — I hate saying ‘era,’ that makes it sound like I’m trying to be cool or something — but this whole time that I was recording songs for the last three years or so, that’s where these two albums come from.”

He continued, “It’s was the same time frame, with two different head spaces. Growin’ Up it’s like writing songs for the way that I used to and songs that I used to love. It’s not that this record is super different or anything, but it is, in a weird way.”

Listen to the track below.