Wild Pink Offer One More Preview Of Their New Album With The Lush Americana Of ‘Pacific City’

Wild Pink has a new album dropping this week, A Billion Little Lights. The new release follows up the beloved 2018 effort Yolk In The Fur and the group has shared some tantalizing previews of the forthcoming project. Now, just days ahead of the album, they have offered one more preview: On “Pacific City,” John Ross’ hushed vocals complement the driving, heartland-inspired instrumental that’s a natural progression from the album that came before it.

Ross says of the track:

“Pacific City is named after the city in Oregon and I was watching Heat a lot while writing it. I wanted to write a few songs with a conventional song structure on this album and this was one of them — we spent a lot of time on the drum tones and used a Yamaha RX21 drum machine. The song is about time passing and realizing you’re not the same person you used to be.”

Ross also recently spoke with Uproxx about the album and said of it, “I wanted to have something very lush and just bigger than anything that I’d done before. And I got to play with amazing players, that was my favorite part.”

Listen to “Pacific City” above.

A Billion Little Lights is out 2/19 via Royal Mountain Records. Pre-order it here.