Willow Announces A New Album And Belts It Out On ‘Lipstick’

Willow’s transition to pop-punk has proven to be a successful one so far. Her Travis Barker-featuring single “Transparent Soul” was well-received, and now there’s plenty more where that came from: Today, she has announced a new album titled Lately I Feel Everything, which is set for release on July 16. In addition to the Barker collab, Avril Lavigne is also set to appear on the album.

She also shared a new single today, “Lipstick.” As opposed its upbeat predecessor, “Lipstick” is more of a patiently paced but still-thumping number. In a new video for the song, she uses her lipstick and eye shadow as a green screen so images of nature are displayed on her face as she belts out the track.

Press materials note that she began work on the album during the pandemic last year by recording demos at home before re-recording them at a studio when it was safe to do so. Willow says of the album, “I just wanted to let loose with this album. I wanted to have fun and be young and not be so existential and worrying all the time. […] I thought this was a really dope outlet for a new energy I wanted to bring to my music.”

Watch the “Lipstick” video above.

Lately I Feel Everything is out 7/16 via MSFTSMusic/Roc Nation. Pre-order it here.