Yuno’s Angst-Filled ‘Somebody’ Video Points To New Music On The Horizon

Sub Pop signee Yuno captured hearts with his reflective musings on his power pop debut EP Moodie. The musician has been relatively quiet since his EP’s acclaimed reception, sharing a handful of one-off singles through the years including his cover of Beach House’s “Zebra.” But fans of Yuno can rest assured that there’s new music on the horizon as the singer has begun the new year with new music.

Yuno marks a distinctive emo-pop pivot with his new single “Somebody.” Over an electric beat, Yuno sings of wallowing over heartbreak in his bedroom: “Another night alone in my bedroom / Just another week that I’m struggling to get through / I guess this is the life that I’m used to / Four white walls, a ceiling that has a great view.”

About the song’s recording process, Yuno said he found himself reflecting a lot on his early years while at home in quarantine:

“Spending so much time at home during the pandemic brought back a lot of feelings from my adolescence. I grew up as somewhat of a loner — spending most of my time isolated in my bedroom, and I wanted to capture the parallels between my life now and the life of my younger self. I drew a lot from the pop-punk, post-hardcore, reggae, and southern hip hop that I’ve loved throughout my life. I feel like my 14-year-old self would be very proud.”

Watch Yuno’s “Somebody” video above.