Zach Bryan Reflected On The Album That ‘Ruined And Saved’ His Life On The One-Year Anniversary Of ‘American Heartbreak’

Zach Bryan has had quite a breakout. Last year, his single “Something In The Orange” proved to be a hit. He also was one of the game-changers who helped bring attention to Ticketmaster’s outrageous fees, notably with his live album, All My Homies Hate Ticketmaster.

Yesterday (May 19), Bryan took to Instagram to reflect on the big year he’s had, which all started with the release of his debut album, American Heartbreak.

“[E]veryone’s asking for new songs lately, rightfully so, but the record that ruined and saved my life all at once turned one today,” said Bryan in the post’s caption. “[W]ithout this album I don’t know where I would have turned when I didn’t have anyone who understood.
night time walks in New York and [my dog] Jack shaking his collar all through [E]lectric [L]ady.”

He continued, saying, “Not to self-indulge too much, like reading an old journal, I’m going to roll down the highway with a buzz and drift off to sleep to this while these wheels take me to New Orleans. Thank you American Heartbreak for being the words I always sought after and giving me the life people are proud of. Thank you to everyone who listened to these songs I wrote in this last year, you have also changed my small town Oklahoman life into something stranger than fiction.”

Elsewhere in the post, he let his antsy fans that they can expect new music, potentially in the near future.

“Music soon if I feel that it’s right,” said Bryan.

You can see the full post above.

Zach Bryan is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.