Would You Pay Two Million Bucks For A Dinner That Comes With A Giant-Ass Diamond?

giant ass diamond

Say you’re a mega millionaire with money to burn. Now, say that you’ve bought the clothes, the cars, the mansions, and your own in-house McDonald’s (the dream is alive). But you have millions upon millions of dollars left! What should you do with all that money? Donate it to charity? Start a non-profit? Hire a ghostwriter to whip up an autobiography about how awesome you are now that you can have Big Macs 24/7 without ever leaving your home? Nah. You’ve got bigger plans. And they include a two million dollar dining experience billing itself as “the most expensive in the world.”

Don’t let that scare you, though: It may seem overpriced, but it comes with a diamond! Also, it lasts about eight hours (which might be the real dealbreaker here).

According to Mashable, the dinner will only be available for two people and is a collaboration between restaurant Ce La Vi, which is located atop a chi chi hotel in Singapore, and Russian diamond company World of Diamonds, which will provide the luxurious two carat stunner — named after Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman star Jane Seymour — to be worn as a reminder that yes, you did eat food with diamond chopsticks with your name engraved all over them.

Here are the deets on the diamond, via a press release from World of Diamonds:

Being the world’s only celebrity ring that isn’t pre-owned, Seymour had worn it just once during a lavish dinner celebration at CÉ LA VI Singapore. Seymour had then sported a blue dress to complement the jewel, and in excitement, began snapping selfies with The Jane Seymour. The eventual owner of The Jane Seymour would receive the masterpiece in a handcrafted leather treasure chest, complete with catalogues confirming the naming rights of the creation, signed and endorsed by Seymour herself.

And here’s the ring — the only one ever named after Jane Seymour! — itself:

Not sold? Then how about the fact that the luxury starts even before the food comes? Sure, caviar and fine wine are nice, but there’s also the 45 minute helicopter ride and 10,000 roses (that’s ten times more than the amount of roses Kanye got Kim on Valentine’s Day) that the lucky (and very rich couple) will be greeted with upon their arrival at the restaurant. And then, of course, there’s the 18 course meal. Does it sound cool? Absolutely! Is it worth two million bucks? Mashable reports that blue diamonds the caliber of which one will receive at the end of the meal (no word on whether you’re keeping the chopsticks) are usually worth at least that amount. Sell that thing in the right economy, and it’s almost an investment!

No word yet on who will be chosen to spend their money on all this eleganza, but both the restaurant and the diamond company are screening potential diners now.

Update: A rep from World of Diamonds has confirmed that Jane Seymour will not be attending the dinner. Change your plans accordingly.