Anthony Bourdain’s Next ‘Parts Unknown’ Trailer Is Here For Us To Fawn Over

Not that you’d ever expect flat and ugly, but season 10 of Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown looks like as gorgeous and inviting a program as ever. At least, that’s impression that crackles from the promo above.

CNN has released a whiz-bang type ad for the upcoming season of chef Anthony Bourdain’s travel and culinary adventures that clocks in at a very digestible 30 seconds with a Ramones classic soundtracking the affair. The dining and discovery series has somehow managed to crack the 10 season mark despite only starting in 2013. If that sounds strange to you, it sounds strange to Bourdain too.

“Ten seasons on CNN,” he muses. “How the f*ck did that happen?”

Billed in the ad as the “strangest, wildest, most creative season yet,” the new run of Parts Unknown episodes will begin with a visit to Singapore and venture then into the French Alps, Puerto Rico, Lagos, Nigeria, Seattle, Sri Lanka, Pittsburgh, and southern Italy. The October 1st premiere of the new season will be coupled with a special airing beforehand titled Prime Cuts: Through The Season that sees Bourdain reflecting on what the rather prolific series has encountered over nine seasons. Here’s a rather enticing episode description of the upcoming season premiere.

Bourdain tours the historically rich streets of Singapore and immerses himself in the vast array of multicultural foods found throughout this island city-state. An old-school style prawn mee lunch with his go-to Singaporean food guide, KF Seetoh, and a trip down to the Muslim quarter for a soup-like dish of wontons, rice cake, coconut gravy, vegetables, and hard boiled eggs are included in the host’s cuisine-driven excursion. Bourdain also explores the dichotomy of Singapore society that is known for its tolerance of diverse cultures, generous social services, and sanctioned diversions (ex. legalized brothels, casinos), and the restriction of such basic civil liberties as freedom of the press and privacy.

That sounds like it ticks all the Parts Unknown boxes, doesn’t it? Speaking of which, a poster for the new season has arrived.