Aruba Is The Hottest Destination For Americans Burnt Out On Politics

Film/TV Editor

When most people think of Aruba, they envision white sandy beaches and clear waters. They’re not wrong, but some people assume that’s all there is to the destination, like Dude-Who-Swiped-My-Window-Seat on the flight there. He apologized and asked if I’d ever visited this “little piece of Heaven.” I had not, so he informed me that there wasn’t much to the island, just “a strip and some casinos.”

I played along. “Like Vegas?”

“Yeah,” he answered. “Exactly like that.”

I was pretty sure he was full of crap, especially when he switched on his in-flight entertainment to that Vince Vaughn movie about couple’s therapy in paradise.

Needless to say, Dude’s assessment of Aruba was a limited one, which I already knew as part of a group bound for “island exploration.” There must have been more than beaches to explore. Of course, Aruba beckoned to me under the usual pretenses — rest, relaxation, and warmth — which prompted me to leave my icy neighborhood at 4:00am one morning to get the hell out of dodge.

I also left with a desire to escape the current American political climate. Everyone’s social media feeds are (still) full of unyielding ugliness, but after covering the election for 18 months, I pounced on the opportunity for a getaway. All of the hatred left me shivering, inside and out, and this lady needed a break from America.

It goes without saying that I had high expectations for this Caribbean jewel’s scenery and climate, all of which were easily met. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the Aruba Marriott Resort, too. The accommodations and service were so personalized and unexpectedly friendly that it felt like a boutique experience that happened to carry the benefits of an all-inclusive property. Exactly what I needed.

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