Our ‘Best Bites’ Of Last Year Will Help Guide Your Eating In 2017

Editorial Director, Life
01.03.17 4 Comments

Last year, our staff talked about food a lot. It would be a normal day, everyone going about their work-lives, and then someone in the Slack staff chat would casually mention, “I just had a pretty okay cheese steak.” All of a sudden, PANDEMONIUM. People would argue over the “right” cheese for such a sandwich, the best places on earth to procure one, and the differences between cheese steak and chopped cheese. Before long, a power ranking of some sort would emerge.

Literally every time food came up, it launched a flurry of activity on Slack that would reach crescendo when someone casually wondered, “Seriously though, is a hot dog a sandwich?”

As the new year begins, I thought we’d ask our writers to share the very best dishes they ate in 2016 to inspire your food journey for 2017. Not surprisingly, they had some thoughts.

— Steve Bramucci, Life editor

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