Forget Pepsi Perfect: Try This ‘Back to the Future’-Inspired Beer


Unless you’ve been chilling with Doc Brown in the Wild West, you probably know that Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2015 is the exact day Marty McFly visited in Back to the Future Part II. Back to the Future and its sequels are so hot right now and every company in the country seems to be scrambling to get in on the product placement. At the pace things are going, maybe we’ll all have hoverboards by October 21 after all.

In commemoration of the day, Pepsi has already announced the news of its limited-edition Pepsi Perfect bottles (à la the movie’s imagined version of future Pepsi); meanwhile Ford has jumped on the bandwagon and released (sort of) a flux capacitor upgrade option for customized 2016 Fiestas and Focuses; and Toyota has been teasing a release with videos of Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd at a diner.

What could possibly be next?

Beer, that’s what. Chicago-based Pipeworks Brewing, in collaboration Emporium Arcade Bar’s buyer Jared Saul, is getting in on the celebration with the release of their Twin Pines Mall beer, a hoppy double IPA full of spruce tips and wildflower honey.

Twin Pines Mall reference lost on you? Check out the handy Back to the Future Wikia guide to study up on one of the greatest movie Easter eggs of all time and recall, as you sip on your futuristic brew, how drastic an effect your actions can have on the future when time traveling (or binge drinking).

The beer will be released this Wednesday, at Emporium Wicker Park’s “Back to the Brewture Beer Release Party” where, of course, there will also be screenings of each of the Back to the Future films. If you don’t live in Chicago, no worries. A limited edition of the beer will be sold in bottles starting later in the month. But you should probably get one before you run OUTATIME. (Sorry, we couldn’t help it.)