Bartenders Tell Us Which Brunch Drinks You Shouldn’t Sleep On


Most people agree that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And let’s face it, breakfast food is by far the best food. Wars have been waged over this. What other meal can you choose between fluffy, sweet pancakes, savory sausage, cheesy omelets, and even breakfast sandwiches. Also: Bacon. Game over.

But, what if you don’t wake up until 10 am? Are you not allowed to enjoy the magic of breakfast treats because you slept in? Of course you can. Because of brunch. The first great aspect of brunch is that you can have it pretty much anytime between 7am and 2pm without getting the side eye from lunching customers. The second great aspect of brunch is alcohol. There’s no better pairing than eggs and Bloody Mary’s. But, why should you limit yourself to just vodka and tomato juice when there’s a whole world of morning cocktails out there?

Our favorite bartenders agree and that’s why they decided to tell us their favorite brunch cocktails.