Beats By Dre Is Paying Homage To This Awesome Female Skater With A New Headphone Line

Beats By Dre is one of the biggest headphones brands in the world right now, and while it definitely makes sense for them to team up with musicians (and splash their products across some of the best music videos of our era) the brand has recently been branching off in new, niche-ier directions. Like skateboarding.

Skating is a natural fit for the music behemoth. Music is has been a part of the “scene” since the Dogtown days, and remains integral to the skate movement. Though the connection is age-old, the structure is new: The Beats relationship seems similar to the way Red Bull has begun to partner with musicians, emerging artists, and athletes, as a sort of corporate patron.

In the process of highlighting new voices, Beats is giving shine to fascinating, talented people who might not always get their due. People like the Brazilian-born Leticia Bufoni — a top female skater who won the first-ever SLS Women’s Super Crown and is currently the only female athlete to win three X Games Gold Medals in the same year (!). Despite Bufoni’s skill, it’s clear that our world still views skating as mostly a “guy’s thing,” something that her undeniable finesse is going to help change.

The chance for exposure is high. Bufoni’s Beats deal is part of a new partnership with the Street League Skateboarding (SLS) for their 2017 Nike Skateboarding World Tour.

“It’s great to be part of a family that supports skateboarding,” Bufoni said. “I’m truly excited to spread the word about the sport.”

Other athletes that Beats have tapped to be part of their new campaign includes Bufoni’s fellow Brazilian, Luan Oliveira, who won the the Tampa Pro twice and the 2015 Super Crown World Championship in LA. Skaters Louie Lopez, Sean Malto, Felipe Gustavo and Tommy Fynn are also involved with the project.

Many of these athlete-partnerships are based around the relatively new Powerbeats3 Wireless model. (Yes, that is Lebron himself modeling them on the Beats website.) These are basically the best of both worlds — a pair of wireless headphones that are also earbuds. The buds are also designed specifically to be resistant to sweat and water, and have a 12 hour battery life, which should last through even the most intensive workouts… or kickflip falls.

The SLS Pro Open begins in Barcelona, and the tour will also take athletes to Munich, Chicago and Los Angeles. To bring us all into that world, there’s also a special playlist curated to go along with the Be Heard series. Hey, anything that includes both Future’s “Mask Off” and The Stooges is okay with us.