Disney World Is Opening Up A ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Themed Bar This Fall


If you’re a true Disney-head, all this talk about Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge probably has you rolling your eyes. Not that you don’t love Star Wars because come on, who doesn’t love Star Wars?! But all the recent attention on galaxies far far away or cinematic comic book universes might have you wondering when exactly Disney became less about princesses and singing candles and more about lightsabers and dudes that fly around in armor.

The real Disney-heads know that Iron Man and Darth Vader ain’t got sh*t on Lumière and Cogsworth Clock. If that includes you, you’ll be hyped to learn that Disney World in Florida is preparing to open up a new Beauty and the Beast themed lounge and bar at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa.


Yes, you read that right. Not a seedy Star Wars bar or some weird post-modern Thor nonsense — a straight up, French baroque styled fancy princess-worthy drinking joint! Travel and Leisure reports that the four-part lounge and bar will feature a gold chandelier inspired by Belle’s ball gown as its centerpiece, with rooms inspired by the fairly recent 2017 live action version of the film such as the picturesque library room, a garden room with design nods to the enchanted forest, and an outdoor patio that recalls the castle’s terrace.

A motif of the Beast’s magical rose will appear throughout the bar’s main room, which takes over the Mizner’s Lounge on the second floor of the Grand Floridian, a hot spot for live jazz and high-end cocktails.

According to the park, renovations are expected to be completed by fall of this year, so if you’ve ever wanted to have the experience of getting drunk in an enchanted castle with singing candles and a neurotic harpsichord — which honestly sounds better than anything in Star Wars — consider heading to Florida this fall.