America Is Getting A Beer Museum, And Yes, You Can Drink There


You know the worst thing about museums? They’re aren’t any wasted people there. In fact, it’s not even appropriate to be drunk. Even at one of those galas, people are slightly buzzed at best (although everyone knows you have to be truly blotto to actually enjoy modern art). We get it — museums don’t want inebriated people around the pictures. But what if there was a museum where the alcohol was the art, and you were allowed to drink there? Hello, America, your collective life is about to get way better.

Eater reports that a beer museum will soon open in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The place will be called Brew and will feature both exhibits and interactive experiences which will allow you — the enthusiastic visitor — to touch, smell, and yes, even drink the beer.

Here’s what you can expect:

In addition to beer artifacts and exhibits, the 50,000 square-foot complex will include a 300-seat brewpub, gift shop, a “Beer Hall of Fame,” and a Brewers Wall set to showcase information on all 4,800 breweries currently operating in the U.S. According to a museum spokesperson, the size and scope of Brew will be comparable to Cleveland’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Lest you think that this is just a glorified beer hall, however, Matt Sherwin, one of the co-founders says it is so, so much more. In fact, it almost feels like he’s overselling it. All he really needs to say is “beer museum coming in 2018. Show up because beer is good.”

But, you know, you gotta appeal to everyone:

“America has large-scale museums dedicated to so many important aspects of human culture but, surprisingly, no epic museum dedicated to beer — until now,” says Brew co-founder Matt Sherwin. He added that he wants the museum to be used “to understand all aspects of what it means to be human — our sociology, our anthropology, our history, our economics, our politics.”

Who knew beer was so important? Great that the people of Pittsburgh — once the museum finds a location — will be able to go out, get drunk, and return home with a hangover AND an education. What are property values like there? Should we all be moving? Probably.

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