Hundreds Of Drunk Americans Washed Up On Canadian Shores In Colorful Floatation Devices


Poor Canada. Not only do our friends up north have to worry about hoards of Americans invading their borders should Donald Trump become president, they also have to deal with hundreds of drunk Yanks washing up half naked on their shore.

Close to 1,500 Americans recently found themselves shipwrecked in Sarnia, Ontario after strong winds disrupted an annual river float.

For the past 39 years, Michigan natives have taken part in something called the Port Huron Float Down. The event is basically just an excuse for locals to get rip-roaring drunk and float down the St. Clair River in their choice of inflatables. If the combination of alcohol, inner tubes, an unruly body of water and dumb Americans sounds like a recipe for disaster, you’d be right.

During this year’s float-a-thon, strong winds pushed the questionably sober seafarers a bit too far east, shipwrecking them on foreign soil.

The local Sarnia police department live-tweeted the whole fiasco as they tried to safely return the revelers back to their home country.