The Absolute Best Weed Strains For Euphoric, Sense-Enhancing Sex

Smoking cannabis makes sex better. Are you surprised? Seriously, what activity doesn’t cannabis enhance? Music, food, art, and even sleep — they all take on a new dimension when you’re experiencing them high. So why wouldn’t sex?

The right high will get you out of your head and ready to embrace the moment — ready to zero in on physical sensations and keep your mind present on the task at hand. All things that make for great sex, right? At the right doses, cannabis is anxiety-reducing and sense-enhancing and THC is a vasodilator (it dilates blood vessels) which allows for quicker and stronger blood flow to the areas that need it most. It’s practically tailor-made for getting wild!

There are a lot of studies that back up the claim that cannabis is a powerful sex enhancer. We’ve read those studies and we’ve talked to experts about it. We’re not going to get into all of that nerd shit here (if you’re interested in the studies here is one, and another, and another) because it’ll take forever, and let’s be real, we know why you’re here. We can have a discussion about the science of it all at another time (seriously, we’ll write the article), and instead point you in the direction of some of our favorite sex-enhancing strains.

Before we get to that though, we want to say one thing: there isn’t a single strain of weed out there that is guaranteed to boost your libido, “put you in the mood” or turn you into a sex god/goddess/alien overlord (if that’s what you’re into). That’s just not how it works and anyone who tells you otherwise is selling you snake oil. Everyone’s body and mind have different needs and you’re going to have to listen to those needs to find what works for you.

Strain choice is vital here, and a lot of what works for you has to do with the terpenes (here is a rundown on terpenes) your body responds to. Cannabis can make you feel relaxed, and euphoric, and even relieve pain. All good things, but it’s important to ask yourself what you and your partner are looking for in a strain and then make your decision based on that.

One last word of caution before you start experimenting with THC in the bedroom: if sex is on the table (or the bed, or the counter, or the floor, or the shower) you might want to refrain from getting too high. Remember that sex is the activity here, not getting high, and if you overdo it you can get lazy, or worse, sedated or paranoid. So don’t hit that bowl too hard. Without further ado, here are 12 strains that will help you set the mood and get you ready for truly great sex.

Amnesia Haze

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Strain Type: Hybrid
Dominant Terpenes: Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Limonene

Suggested Use: Euphoric sex.

Amnesia Haze is all about euphoria. This weed strain contains the terpenes myrcene, which promotes relaxation, and limonene, which is a mood booster. A few hits of this stuff should put you in a euphoric mind state and won’t sap your energy, allowing you to focus in on the physical sensations between you and your partner.

Visit Weedmaps to find Amnesia Haze at a dispensary near you.

Blue Dream

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Strain: Hybrid
Dominant Terpenes: Myrcene, Pinene, Caryophyllene

Suggested Use: Killing anxiety.

What I love about Blue Dream is that it’s one of those rare strains with an intoxicating smell that even non-stoners will find appealing. It’s not too skunky, and doesn’t have any of that gas-like funk, just comforting herbal notes and a great blueberry-tinged taste. This makes it a great strain for smoking with your partner, as the inviting flavor and smell won’t be a total turn-off once things get hot and heavy.

This strain specifically targets anxiety, giving you a subtle mood boost that’ll have you focusing on the moment rather than getting stuck in your head. This is a great strain if the thought of your special night (or day, or afternoon) together makes you just a little nervous with excitement.

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Strain: Hybrid
Dominant Terpenes: Limonene, Caryophyllene, Linalool

Suggested Use: Euphoric, shiver-inducing, mildly psychdelic sex.

Do-Si-Dos packs a strong punch, which makes it a great option for those looking to take just a single hit before getting busy or those who smoke regularly and have a higher THC tolerance. The strain has a pleasing floral peppermint aroma and will melt your body into a buzz of sense-enhancing euphoria.

Pass the bowl between you and your partner (or partners), take a few hits, reach for the blindfold, and prepare to enter an almost psychedelic world of ecstasy.

Visit Weedmaps to find Do-Si-Dos at a dispensary near you.

GSC (Girl Scout Cookies)

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Strain: Hybrid
Dominant Terpenes: Caryophyllene, Limonene, Linalool

Suggested Use: The rough stuff.

GSC, known formerly as Girl Scout Cookies, is a wonderful strain to enhance your sexual escapades. It has a powerful stress-relieving, mind-boosting, and calming effect which will help melt away any anxiety or stress you’re feeling in your life. Take a few hits of this and prepare your mind and body for life’s greatest pleasures.

It’s also a powerful pain reliever and body relaxer, and we’re going to go ahead and let you use your imagination as to why this is a great pre and post-strain to smoke before entering the bedroom.

Visit Weedmaps to find GSC at a dispensary near you.

Granddaddy Purple

Strain: Hybrid
Dominant Terpenes: Pinene, Caryophyllene

Suggested Use: Beginners to the world of cannabis as a sex enhancer.

Here is the deal with Granddaddy Purp — it generally has a fairly low THC percentage, which is great if you’re just dipping your toes into using cannabis as a sex enhancer. I said it in the intro to this piece but I’ll say it again: using cannabis as a sex enhancer is not about getting blazed out of your mind. The goal here isn’t to get so high that you want to melt into the couch, so this strain makes for a great introductory strain because it’s hard to get too blazed even after a handful of hits.

The dominant terpene in Grandaddy Purp is pinene, which has relaxing and pain-reducing properties while putting you in a relaxed state. It might just be the thing that emboldens you to go beyond the vanilla.

Visit Weedmaps to find Granddaddy Purp at a dispensary near you.

Green Crack

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Strain: Sativa
Dominant Terpenes: Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Pinene

Suggested Use: Morning sex. Roll out of the bed, brush those teeth, and smoke up. Or do it like they do in the movies and don’t brush your teeth you sicko.

I know, Green Crack has probably one of the worst names of any strain (aside from Chemical Cat Piss) and it doesn’t exactly sound sexy, but this is a great sativa strain, and one of the best sex enhancers we’ve come across in the weed space. It has a mind-sharpening and creativity-boosting power that will have your body buzzing and your mind full of feelings of euphoria.

It’s great for long sessions in the sheets and won’t weigh you down if you have other activities in the day planned. It’s a great vacation companion.

Flavorwise you can expect tropical citrus and mango notes, making this a great option for bongs or vaporizers. Just don’t spill the bong water on the floor, because that’s a real mood killer.

Visit Weedmaps to find Green Crack at a dispensary near you.


Strain: Sativa
Dominant Terpenes: Myrcene, Pinene, Caryophyllene

Suggested Use: People who don’t want to feel high

I know I mentioned Granddaddy Purple as a great strain for people who are experimenting with THC in the bedroom for the first time, but I said that assuming you were going to want to feel the body and mind effects noticeably. If your interest in cannabis as a sex enhancer is purely because you’re in pain or have high levels of anxiety but don’t want to feel high, then Harlequin is the strain for you.

This weed strain is incredibly subtle, with a THC percentage around the 5% mark and a high level of CBD. High CBD strains are great at relieving pain and anxiety, so if those are hurdles for you to clear, this strain has got your back. It’s just meant to take the edge off, not get you blitzed out of your mind.

Visit Weedmaps to find Harlequin at a dispensary near you.

Northern Lights

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Strain: Indica
Dominant Terpenes: Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Limonene

Suggested Use: Long sex sesions.

One thing that Northern Lights has always done for me, is give me the feeling that time is slowing down. For whatever reason, this strain makes me take my time on any task I’ve decided to do, focusing on technique and execution. Because of this, I think it’s a great strain that’ll help you be a better lovemaking partner as you get lost in the feelings of physical touch. If any strain will sell you on the idea of cannabis as a sexual enhancer, it’s this one.

Northern Lights has a spicy herbal flavor with a flowery aroma that will enhance your senses and send you into an instant body buzz. This is a great strain for those who love extended foreplay sessions and sensory exploration.

Visit Weedmaps to find Northern Lights at a dispensary near you.

Pink Panties

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Strain: Indica
Dominant Terpenes: Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Pinene

Suggested Use: End of the night/before bed sex.

Yup, this strain is incredibly on the nose but credit where credit is due, whoever named this one knew exactly what they were doing. Pink Panties is a powerful stress buster with a flowery and fruity flavor that is sure to put you in a good mood.

A word of caution — take it easy on this stuff. Strains with Pink Panties tend to be high in THC so take it easy on this stuff and reserve it for sexual activity at the end of the night, unless you want to end up napping for way too long.

Visit Weedmaps to find Pink Panties at a dispensary near you.

Sour Diesel

Strain: Sativa
Dominant Terpenes: Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Limonene

Suggested Use: Outdoor sex.

Sour Diesel is a strong anxiety buster and a mild pain reliever, making this a great pick for those who have anxious thoughts wrecking their bedroom game.

But here is the thing with Sour Diesel — its name is apt. The strain has a pungent, almost off-putting chemical-esque aroma and flavor. Straight up, this strain stinks. I don’t know about you but I don’t find stinky strains a turn-on, so if you’re going to smoke this up with your partner, do it outside. After a few minutes, you’ll be hit with the cerebral enhancement which will have you ready to hit the bedroom.

Or you know, keep things outside.

Visit Weedmaps to find Sour Diesel at a dispensary near you.


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Strain: Hybrid
Dominant Terpenes: Terpinolene, Myrcene, Pinene

Suggested Use: Quickies and short sex sessions.

Despite what its name might suggest, Trainwreck is one of the weaker strains on this list. While you might be expecting a strong and powerful high, what you’ll get here instead is a simple head change resulting in a super chill experience.

Trainwreck is a feel-good strain, one that makes you sensitive to touch and might send you into a laughing fit. It has a flowery and herbal flavor and the high doesn’t last too long, which is great if you’re looking for a quick burst of sensory enhancement, but have a full day planned of other activities.

Visit Weedmaps to find Trackwreck at a dispensary near you.

Wedding Cake

Strain: Hybrid
Dominant Terpenes: Limonene, Myrcene, Caryophyllene

Suggested Use: Breaking through your high tolerance. A luxurious and premium strain that will provide a strong head change and deep body sensations.

Do not smoke Wedding Cake if you aren’t a regular smoker. This strain is often incredibly high in THC. This is premium flower meant for hardcore stoners. It has an earthy and herbal flavor with appetizing hints of sweet vanilla and is strong enough to fill you with a rush of euphoria and a sense-enhancing head change after a single hit.

Are you feeling self-conscious about a strain named Wedding Cake?

We get it, and while this makes a great accompaniment to your honeymoon getaway or a romantic weekend, it’s not like you have to go and get married just to smoke it. So if domesticity is a turn-off, don’t worry, this strain will get you super high and feeling euphoric, which are always two ingredients for great sex… no marriage required.

Visit Weedmaps to find Wedding Cake at a dispensary near you.