The Best American Beers, According To The Masses

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02.08.19 4 Comments


Beer is a very personal thing. Little nuances in taste, feel, and even alcohol volume dictate the beers we love and those we despise. And there’s just so much of it. America alone has well over 5,000 breweries. That’s a lot of beer. So picking the best American beer is a bit of a non-starter. Some are great. Some are bad. Most are just okay, or “get the job done” as we like to say (they get you buzzed).

So what is the best American beer? We’re not sure that’s a thing but felt game to see what the masses think. So we headed over to Ranker to see the American beer that beer drinkers love most. And, you know, the people came up with a solid list of American beers that hit that sweet spot of being accessible and tasty. Are these the best beers in America? It’s hard to say but it’s also hard to argue with this list.

Let’s take a gander at the top ten and see what people love. Of course, tell us your favorite beer in the comments!


Stone Brewing’s Ruination is a bold beer. The unfiltered beer is a double West Coast IPA with a punch thanks to the 8.5 percent ABV. Expect a lot of dank forest pine that gives way to citrus and juicy fruit. This beer is all about the hops with a malt base whispering from a long distance. This is pure hop-head territory.

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