Award-Winning Bartender Jeppe Nothlev Guides Us Through Copenhagen’s Bar Scene

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You know how to EAT THIS CITY. With top chefs as tour guides, you’ve learned how to scout out hot spots for breakfast and brunch, where to go for a delicious date night, and how to feast like a local liege in the cities you love. But where do you wash it all down? Do you know how to find the best brewpub? Got a bead on who makes the meanest bloody marys and the most sparkling mimosas? What bars transport you?

You’re about to find out. Welcome to DRINK THIS CITY!

Jeppe Nothlev is a rising star on the international cocktail scene. Last September, he rose to the top of the Tahona Society’s Cocktail Competition in Guadalajara, Mexico, beating out 24 other finalists. As if that weren’t enough, Nothlev just followed that win with an award for Best Bartender at the Bartender’s Choice Awards. Point being: Dude has had a great few months.

Nothlev honed those masterful skills working the bar scene in Copenhagen, Denmark. Of course, we all know that Copenhagen has one of the best and most respected food scenes on the planet. So you better believe that the cocktail, beer, and bar scene is up to snuff. Nothlev’s current gig is at CPH’s legendary HELIUM — a bar where the bartenders reach for perfection with every single glass poured.

Just check these drinks:

Now that you’re thirsty! Let’s take a trip to Copenhagen’s best bars!

Classic Cocktail Bar

Peter Altenburg opened Gilt 15 years ago on Nørrebro and is still behind the stick himself. The space is beautiful, the drinks are ever impeccable and the bartenders are always service-minded and knowledgeable. If you go to Gilt you’re in for a perfect start to any night or a perfect nightcap to end any escapade.

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