Nadine Redzepi Of NOMA On Creating A Cookbook To Bring Great Food Home

12.08.17 5 months ago

Pam Krauss Books

Nadine Levy Redzepi wants you to cook really good food. At home. Every day. Her new cookbook Downtime is a treatise to the ease of cooking in your own kitchen. It’s not about the craft or art of cooking things. It’s about accessibility. The book is for the rest of us, who just want to make the best food we can with the tools and ingredients we can afford.

Redzepi’s cookbook sheds the mantle of haute cuisine — which made her husband world famous — and focuses in on what you can accomplish in your own kitchen with a pan, some heat, and the best ingredients you can find at the grocery store. It’s communal, open to interpretation, and inclusive.

We caught up with Redzepi in London recently to talk about what drove her to pen a recipe book about her home life. Although her husband is the head chef at one of the world’s most renowned restaurants, Redzepi is the head chef at their house, in Copenhagen. A maternity leave gave her the time and idea to start taking photos of the food she was cooking for her and the kids and the publishing world came knocking. In a way, it’s yet another example of Instagram paying off big. But, of course, Redzepi had the skills and recipes to back up every photo she posted. Now, those homemade meals are part of her new book and available for all of us to try.

Pam Krauss Books

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