On More Road For The Beer Podcast, Episode 5 — Bamberg, Germany



This week’s episode of “One More Road For The Beer” podcast finds Joe and Zach (me!) in the most iconic city for beer in Germany, if not the world. Bamberg is the most brewery-heavy city on the planet, even beating out Portland, Oregon for the number of breweries per person. This is also where modern interpretations of both lager (the world’s most popular beer style) and smoked beer were refined, making the place a must-visit for beer lovers.

Joe, practically a Bamberg local at this point, leads Zach through the brilliance of smoked beers and lagers before going over some can’t-miss beer gardens built directly over the kellers (cellars) where beers are lagered (stored) until they’re ready to drink. There are pork-fueled food suggestions peppered throughout. Joe also tips us off on a small beer bar that devotes as much attention to the music playing from the sound system as the beer being poured.

Click on a link below to give this episode a listen. Just make sure you’re on your way to a beer, this one will make you thirsty!

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