We Picked The Best Craft Lagers For You To Drink All Summer Long

06.05.18 11 months ago


For most newcomers to the suds scene, just saying “craft beer” conjures visions of IPAs. The hoppy, over-the-top west coast IPA (and more recently, the juicy New England-style IPA) has reigned supreme for decades. But, in recent years, many craft brewers have begun to embrace the lighter, more refreshing side of brewing (see: lager) and their fans are quickly catching on.

Is the lager boom a result of drinkers and brewers growing weary of bitter, dank hop-fueled brews? Are they simply looking for a change of pace and a new way to experiment? Or are they simply afraid they’ll all get man-boobs? It’s tough to say. All we know is that sipping on frosty, cold craft lagers made by the likes of Founders, Cigar City, and the king of all lager-makers Jack’s Abby is a damn fine way to spend a June day. That’s why we decided to list some of our favorites below. Grab a sixer and take a sip on the lighter side this summer.

Lagunitas Pils

This 6.2 percent Czech-style pilsner is the only lager made by Lagunitas. As you can imagine, a brewery known for its hoppy brews (like Hop Stoopid) really wanted to make a statement with this lager. It’s brewed with imported Saaz hops as well as a bottom-fermenting yeast strain. The result is refreshing and light and perfect for chilling on a hot summer day.

Jack’s Abby House Lager

Jack’s Abby is definitely the most well-known lager-centric brewery in America. You can pretty much blindly pick up any of the brand’s brews and feel guaranteed you’ll be happy with your decision. One of its best and most true to the style is its 5.2 percent House Lager. This golden lager is crisp, sweet, and will delight even the most die-hard German beer fans.

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