The Absolute Best Beers To Chase Down This June

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Summer is prime time for so many things — think backyard barbecues, river floats, mountain hikes, and long days spent lazing on the beach — most of which are unarguably better when enjoyed with a cold beer in hand. It’s no wonder craft breweries tend to push hard with big seasonal releases in June. You’ve gotta make hay while the sun shines.

Light lagers, funky sours, hop-bomb IPAs, and nuanced ales are the beers of the summer. So fire up that grill or campfire and get a some of the beers below on ice. Some of them will take a little longer to hunt down, others will be in your corner liquor store. Either way, traveling to find a world class beer is always worth the effort.

Enjoy By 07.04.19 — Stone Brewing

Let’s start the summer drinking season off big. Stone’s “Enjoy By…” series is always a great choice when looking for fresh and innovative beers that are tied to a season. For summer 2019, Stone released a massive double IPA.

The 9.4 percent ABV means you won’t need a lot of these beers to get you tipsy. The hazy, unfiltered IPA has a 90 IBU, so you’re getting a crisp and very present fresh hoppiness. It’s a dank, pine/floral sip with a hell of a kick.

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