The Best Tasting Beers That Everyone Can Afford

best cheap beer right now

With all the choices out there, deciding the best-tasting beer is a tough task. Figuring out the best-tasting cheap beer is even harder. “Best tasting” and “cheap” have never made good bedfellows — there are a lot of duds amongst the suds out there.

It’s easy to get swayed by all the hype around craft beer these days, but “craft” always feels more like a treat than the everyday-go-to-beer you grew up with. Those bottles also have a very high price point. Can you afford $10-12 for every six pack you buy? If not, you’re probably drinking cheap beer more often than not, like the rest of us.

With that in mind, we thought it was high time we ranked some of our favorite cheap beers. We’ve already highlighted the light beers we love, so this list is the straight up lagers that we love. There are a few Mexican adjunct lagers thrown in for good measure, but, with a few exceptions, this is the best tasting cheap beer from all over America.



Schlitz used to be the biggest beer producer in America, back in its heyday. Today, the Milwaukee brew is a go-to cheap beer in the Midwest that’s still widely available nationwide. You can usually score a 12-pack for ten bucks, so the price is right.

Overall, the beer is very easy to drink and leans into the sweetness of the adjunct grains at play. Add a whiskey back (a side shot), and you’re good to go.

Backyard BBQ Vibe: You’ll feel like a full-grown adult drinking a Schlitz next to an open flame.