$49 Flights To Europe Lead This Week’s Cheap Flights And Travel Deals

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Now’s the time to buy a cheap flight or book a steal on a hotel. We’re in the middle of the shoulder season, winter has set in, and prices are dirt cheap. If you want to book a getaway for Valentine’s Day or Spring Break, the time is now.

Flights throughout February, March, April, and into May are at all-time lows. This isn’t just budget fares to Europe either. Big name airlines have flights to Africa, Australia, and beyond for anywhere from $300 to $600 roundtrip. Those are prices on airlines where you can actually carry on a bag, check one, and maybe even get a meal with a drink or two. That, in turn, means, the budget airlines have slashed their prices as well. This is a win-win, yo.

Below are the best cheap flights, hotel discounts, and travel deals that will make you race to book something right now.