The Best Fast Food Burritos, According To The Masses

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Burritos are the perfect delivery system for a great meal. A flour tortilla brimming with proteins, fresh salsa, guacamole, melty cheese, umami-bomb beans, and maybe even a touch of rice hits that perfect matrix of filling, smile-inducing, and economical. In short, burritos are fast food perfected.

The thing is though, that simple construction can go awry fairly easily. Add too much of any one component and you’ve created an unbalanced monster. We’re looking at you, people who put too much rice in burritos. Still, even an average burrito scratches a hunger itch in the best ways and fast food joints tend to do a solid job with the dish. So which fast food outlet provides we, the people, with the best fast food burritos?

To find out, we checked in with the masses and the crew over at Ranker. After nearly 10,000 votes a top ten best fast food burritos emerged to induce some hunger pangs. Did the masses get it right this time around? Tell us your go-to fast food burrito in the comments!

10. Taco Bell Smothered Burrito

Look, we all knew Taco Bell was going to dominate this list and we’re 100 percent okay with that. The Bell’s Smothered Burrito is a whole meal in burrito form. The mildly spiced red sauce, melted cheese, and squirt of sour cream takes any Taco Bell burrito and elevates it to delectable new heights.

It’s filling and cheap with a hint of extra effort behind the recipe.

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