A Visual Tour Of The Most Interesting Food From The Minnesota State Fair

08.27.18 9 months ago


Every year some of the wildest, most excessive, and downright absurd foods you’ll ever hope to eat can be found at the state fair. Ingredients are fried that have never been fried before (rootbeer! cookies! cheese!) and meat is stuffed into other meat (and sometimes even other other meat) — as chefs take on a why-the-hell-not attitude. It’s so much fun and perfectly encapsulates everything that makes going to the state fair such an unforgettable experience.

Texas throws a hell of a state fair. Iowa has a whopper. But there no state fair greater than the Minnesota State Fair. It’s the largest state fair by attendance every year in the United States of America, and it’s now fully open — with the fairgrounds welcoming guests starting on August 23rd.

This year the Minnesota State Fair is debuting 27 new food items to be served on their fairgrounds. We’ve selected the 10 that immediately caught our eye and where to find them. If the following isn’t enough eye candy to satiate you, feel free to check out the full list here. One warning: Be sure to make sure you proceed through the list with your mouth closed. You can ruin a laptop with all that drool.

Bananas Foster French Toast – Hamline Church Dining Hall

Minnesota State Fair

Located on the North side of Dan Patch Ave, the Hamline Church Dining Hall has a robust menu of breakfast favorites such as pancakes and sausage as well as some lunch and dinner food in the hamburgers and chicken and ham loaf, but this year theirs star is sure to be the Bananas Foster French Toast.

Available only for breakfast, the Bananas Foster French Toast consists of sliced bananas in an orange-rum-flavored caramel sauce atop cinnamon swirled pieces of French toast. It’s the type of food that would normally make you feel guilty, but at the state fair it’s just a quick carb-load to ready yourself for the extensive midway and attractions you’ll be browsing.

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