Minority-Owned Tour Operators, Hotels, And Restaurants That You Should Road Trip To This Summer

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Travel is a lot of things. It’s a part life-expanding adventure. It’s part escapism. It’s part fantasy. It’s also a driving economic powerhouse. Where we chose to spend our tourist dollars is a vote of confidence in a tour company, hotel, or restaurant — a way to directly infuse hard cash into businesses we believe in.

Keeping that in mind, we thought we’d cobble together a list of some of our favorite minority-owned tour operators, hotels, and restaurants around America. These are places you can go right now. Spending money at these properties, restaurants, and with these guides will put money directly into the hands of people who have been historically marginalized in this nation. That alone should help to break down some of the institutional racism that has plagued the travel industry for so long.

One huge caveat here: this is just a tiny sampling of the Indigenous, Hispanic, Asian, and Black-owned and operated businesses across these United States. It’s meant to simply pique your interest. Maybe we can all start to look at destinations a bit more deeply when we travel, especially in our own backyards. It’s a chance to think about whose hands we’re putting our travel dollars into and who we want to support.


Skokomish Tourism — Olympic Peninsula, WA

On the southern reaches of the Olympic Peninsula along the big bend in the Hood Canal, you’ll find the Skokomish Indian Reservation. The rez is one of the more economically stunted regions in the state, so the tribal council decided to lean into tourism to quell their woes. The Skokomish have embraced the beauty of the Hood Canal fjord and the majesty of the Olympics to lure people to a truly stunning corner of the country. They opened a resort with well-fitted rooms, RV parks, and even glamping sites all within the reservation and a stone’s throw from the Canal.

Skokomish Tourism also offers trail hikes into Olympic National Park, watersports, local winery tours, and more.

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