The Most Unmissable Places For Pasta In Italy, According To A True Master

Chef Evan Funke has dedicated his life to the pursuit of the perfect pasta. It’s not just a job or a passion. It’s a religion to the chef. He’s spent years studying under masters and nonnas alike in Bologna, Italy’s culinary heartland. He returned to America ready to share the beauty and nuance of not just great pasta but the best pasta Italy has to offer.

That homecoming translated to Funke opening up the much-lauded (now closed) Bucato in Los Angeles. Currently, he owns and operates Felix Trattoria in Venice Beach, where he’s been twice nominated for James Beard Awards. But Funke’s love of pasta goes beyond being a restauranteur. He’s a teacher at heart and has written a cookbook, American Sfoglino, and is currently starring in a Tastemade Now documentary called Funke (which is streaming on major services).

All of this adds up to Chef Evan Funke being the pasta expert to ask about the best plates of pasta in all of Italy. The man has dedicated his life to finding exactly that. We reached out to Funke recently to pick his brain about the essential pasta experiences everyone should have when they travel to the Boot. The eight pasta stops below blend the modern and fresh with the classic and traditional. The throughline? Each and every spot is a must-stop for any vagabonding food lover looking for a transcendent Italian pasta experience.