One More Road For The Beer Podcast: Where To Drink Beer In Rome


It’s easy to jump straight to wine, prosecco, negronis, and coffee when you think about drinking in Italy. Beer is often an afterthought. That’s a big mistake. The beer scene in Italy is one of the best, youngest, and broadest in all of Europe. That’s why episode three of ‘One More Road For The Beer‘ finds Joe Stange and Zach Johnston (me!) parsing all the best spots to grab a local beer, a huge plate of prosciutto and cheese, and maybe a slice or two of Roman pizza.

We learn along the way that Italy having a great beer scene makes a lot of sense. Italy is known for an amazing food and drink culture from farm to table … and glass. It’s natural that that love of good, well, everything would translate to the beer world too. Then there’s the atmosphere of the place. Drinking in Rome is like no other place. Little hole-in-the-wall joints on cobbled backstreets hold some of the best selections of beer in all of Europe.

Where are these little gems? Well, you’re just going to have to give the latest episode a listen.

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Episode Three Beer Bar Guide (click on the address for the map):