The Best Pizzerias In NYC Right Now, According To Chefs

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Plenty of cities passionately defend their particular style of pizza. Residents of Chicago, New Haven, Detroit, and New York all think their hometown offerings are the best. Even Miami has pizza pride. This is a win for us, the pizza eaters of the world. All pizza is good pizza, but pizza that people prepare with passion and care is the best pizza.

However… we will say that folding a wide slice of a thin New York pizza and devouring it with grease streaking our chins is a completely wonderful experience that is unique in all the world and should probably have its own UNESCO Heritage designation. If “pizza” isn’t an itinerary point every time you visit NYC, we’re just not on the same wavelength.

To make sure we always get the best pizza the five boroughs have to offer, we asked some of our favorite chefs where they go to score a good pie. They certainly delivered — from shouting out the simplest old school pizzerias to gushing over the bold newcomers to the game. If you can read through this without wanting to book a flight to NYC or — at the very least — order a pizza, you’re made of stronger stuff than us.

Pasquale Jones

Duncan Holmes, Executive Chef of Beckon| Call in Denver, Colorado

“This is a tricky question for sure but I’m going to vote for Pasquale Jones. They do a great Neapolitan style pizza. Simple. True to the original and unfussy. I like things that are true to what they are. Not variations or takes on. I love gin and tonics. When I order a gin and tonic, I just want a gin and tonic. I don’t want a barrel-aged gin and a housemade tonic — just the original cocktail. Pasquale Jones provides pizza with that mentality.”

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