The Best Political Documentaries On Netflix Right Now

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Last Updated: January 22nd

In Why I Write, George Orwell observed a truism that transcends any era: “In our age, there is no such thing as ‘keeping out of politics.’ All issues are political issues.”

The dude nailed it. In 2018, politics has bled into every part of our lives. Racism, classism, gender bias, environmental degradation… the woes we face as a nation are deeply rooted in our political system. Even the means by which you’re reading this — the internet — is inextricable from the political machine.

There’s a flip side, though. Politics has the ability to inspire us to action and lead us on the good fight for a better future. It has the potential to launch movements and, ideally, become a vital ingredient in the universe’s gradual arc toward justice.

In this high-stakes chess match — where the lines of good and evil can get easily muddled or even lost in the mix of opinions, facts, and actions — the onus is on you to stay informed. No one is going to hold your hand when it comes to navigating the topic, you’ll have to dig and dig until you find something that approaches the truth.

To start your excavation, check out these ten great political documentaries currently streaming on Netflix.

Feminists: What Were They Thinking (2018)

There are few words in the American political vernacular more maligned and misrepresented than “feminist.” That makes this Netflix documentary a must watch. The film traces the steps of feminism from the late 60s through today as triumphs and setbacks for women and America as a whole came and went. This is an American history that’s crucial for all Americans know and Feminists: What Were They Thinking makes for a great entry point to a movement that’s changing the world for the better day by day.

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