The 10 Best Political Podcasts To Help You Become A More Informed Citizen

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05.25.17 15 Comments


Political news is monopolizing the world at the moment. Information is being doled out to us via 140 characters on a social media streams and that’s not a healthy way to stay informed. Enter the political podcast — a chance to dive deep, to explore ideas, and to exhibit nuance in an incredibly unnuanced time.

Before we go on let’s just say that discerning the best political podcast is a fool’s errand. We’d have to make all sorts of assumptions about your politics to form a clear list that might be able to please some (but never all). So we’ve gone a different route. We’re picking the best political podcasts from both sides of the aisle. Focusing on podcasts from one side or the other would be perpetuating the vacuums and bubbles that too many are in.

Plus, in the words of Zach de la Rocha, “know your enemy.”

Below is our list of political podcasts worth listening to. Whether you believe in the rhetoric of the hosts and guests or not, there’s value and information to be gleaned from each. The discussions are valid, the work is important, and we all need to listen to one another a little more.


The Federalist Podcast piggy-backs off the online conservative magazine of the same name. Host Ben Domenech covers topics ranging from the political to the pop cultural from a conservative POV. This is an old-school brand of conservatism that places importance on (their) values and country over the blind allegiances you find plaguing the fringes of the right and left.

Start with the May 12th episode in which co-hosts Katherine Mangu-Ward and Mary Katharine Ham discuss Dwayne Johnson’s presidential prospects. It’s a great way to ease into a conservative podcast with a familiar theme if you’re coming from the left.

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