The Best Rum Cocktails That Aren’t Mojitos

best rum cocktails

There are few spirits more well-suited for late-spring and summer drinking than rum. There’s a reason most Tiki-drinks and other tropical drinks are rum-based and it’s not just because rum is typically produced in Caribbean countries like Jamaica, Trinidad, Barbados, and the Dominican Republic.

Rum (the sugarcane-based, distilled spirit) is delicious un-aged, aged (dark rum), or spiced on its own. But, it really shines when it’s used to make cocktails. In the world of rum-based drinks, the Mojito is likely king. This combination of white rum, carbonated water, sugar, lime, and mint is delicious, but there’s a whole world of other tasty, refreshing rum-based cocktails that are perfect for warm weather imbibing.

Check out ten of our favorites below and then go get your drink on.

Cuba Libre

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If there was a dictionary definition for “simple cocktail”, you might find a photo of the Cuba Libre next to it. That’s because the Cuba Libre is just a fancy way of saying rum and coke with lime — because that’s all this drink consists of. Yet, simplicity doesn’t always mean bland as this is one of the most refreshing, delicious rum-based cocktails ever created.


Rum cocktails don’t get more classic than the daiquiri. It’s also fairly simple to make and definitely isn’t a frozen, Slurpee-like beverage. The simple, perfect summer drink is made with white rum, simple syrup and fresh lime juice. Add crushed ice like Papa Hemingway and you’re sure to end the day happy.

Pina Colada

If you like them, the odds are that you’ve enjoyed a blended, frozen Pina Colada. But the classic Pina Colada is way better — made with white rum, pineapple juice, and coconut cream (or coconut milk).

Mai Tai

In the world of Tiki drinks, the Mai Tai is probably the most popular. This drink is a little more complicated than standard fare and requires a few ingredients not every home bartender will have on hand. It’s made with Curacao, white rum, dark rum, lime juice, and orgeat. And it’s fantastic.

Dark ‘N’ Stormy