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Rum is poised for one of the biggest comebacks in American history. The sugar cane fueled drink is as versatile as any vodka, as nuanced as any whiskey, and as tasty as any brandy. White Rum works as a straightforward (and alcohol-forward) base for a wide array of cocktails, while dark or “aged” rums also fit nicely with all the classic cocktails you know and love but are often best sipped neat or on the rocks. Lastly, spiced rums offer a flavorful, tropical kick that is wholly unique to this spirit.

To help you get into rum, we’ve cobbled together a list of the best cheap rum bottles on the US market (although we’ve purposefully not included the bottom of the bottom shelf — those plastic jugs of cleaning liquid that they slap a rum label on). This is legit rum that’s all under $20 a bottle.


Okay, if you’re going to buy a bottle of bottom shelf rum, let it be Whalers. This is a pretty rough place to start when it comes to rum but it is by no way the worst cheap bottle on the market. Basically, what you’re getting here is a rum that has a slight sweetness and heavy alcohol taste.

Whalers works perfectly as a mixer with pretty much any soda or in a killer, fruity punch. And, sometimes, that’s good enough — especially when you’re paying a tenner a bottle.

Buy a bottle here for $11.29.


If you’ve ever been to Puerto Rico, you’ve surely sipped a lot of Don Q. This is the standard well rum of the island and… you know what? It isn’t half bad. The white, or “Cristal” version, is a clear rum that’s an excellent base for a nice highball with coke or lemonade and works great for a kickass Caribbean cocktail like a piña colada.

Buy a bottle here for $11.49.


Costco’s booze tends to be a great baseline for cheap spirits that totally get the job done. Look, this isn’t the best of the best but it is 100 percent drinkable and the price just can’t be beaten.

The rum does have a bit of a burn — there’s no denying that — but if you’re mixing it into a punch or cocktail, you’ll be fine. This one is also pretty good with Dr. Pepper or a decent root beer. It has a nice spiciness that works with the old-school sodas. Give it try!

Buy a 1.75l bottle here for $19.69.


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Cruzan Confusion 🤪

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Cruzan is another rum that sits in many bar wells across El Carib. With good reason — this is another great rum that works wonders with heavy fruits and milky coconut creams.

Use the silver Cruzan as a base spirit since it’s largely neutral and then top your cocktail off with Cruzan Dark for a little extra boost. You can thank us later.

Buy a 1.75l bottle here for $19.99.

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